How can I upgrade my account?

Please follow this link to the Membership page and click the Membership Upgrade tab. If you have any issues, please send us an email at wisdomebooksclub@revest360.com, and we’ll respond to your email as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

Can I download the books for my personal use?

 Yes, can purchase a book and view it online. Simply go to the book catalog page and choose the category of your preferred book then click the buy button below the book. An email will be sent to you after the purchase. 

Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my Gold membership?

No. In an effort to provide the absolute lowest cost possible for this wide array of books, we do not offer refunds. You will have immediate access to download some exceptional religious software, select bibles and other remarkable products upon being granted access.

What happens if my subscription plan expires?

If you allow your subscription plan to expire, just subscribe again and you’ll have immediate access to everything you had. We’ll send multiple reminders to your email prior to your subscription expiration date.

Will I get a notification if my subscription is about to end?

Yes, you will receive several emails during the last month of your subscription to remind you to renew it.

Can I create any blog topic I want?

Yes, assuming the blog isn’t offensive and keeps with the theme of our website.

I have a problem with my subscription plan, who do I contact for help?

You can email us at wisdomebooksclub@revest360.com and we’ll respond to your email, or give you a call, as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

How do I know if changes were made to a book? And how do I know what were those changes?

Please refer to this page for a complete answer.