Read a thousand religious books when you subscribe

“I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book.” —George Bernard Shaw


To upgrade to any plan from the Free Membership, you subscribe to the alternative plan and make your payment. Your new plan will start immediately.

To upgrade from Gold Membership to Platinum Membership refer to the icons below and hover your mouse over the number of months you have used already, then click the BUY NOW button.  


No Downgrades: Subscribers are only allowed to upgrade their current plan. To downgrade a plan, the subscriber must use its current plan in its entirety.

No Refunds: Subscribers get a credit from their initial plan, based on the number of unused months remaining, that we apply to the upgraded plan’s cost.

No Partial Months: Subscribers must use the remaining portion of any in-progress month in its entirety, the upgraded plan starts at the outset of the following month.

    • For example, your current plan is a Gold plan that started on March 3rd and you upgraded to a Platinum plan on April 15th. The last day of your Gold plan would be on May 2nd and your Platinum plan would start on May 3rd. 


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