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The Wonders of Prayer: A Record Of Well Authenticated And Wonderful Answers To Prayer


“None can ever understand the full power of prayer until they have learned the lesson of trust. It is only when, for the first time in the Christian’s own life of faith; it realizes the hand of God in his personal dealings with him, how near He is, or how he feels that tremendous overruling Spirit which “Turneth the heart whithersoever He will.” The actual existence of our God is therefore proved, not alone from History, nor from the Bible alone, nor from current natural or religious feeling and beliefs, nor from the testimony of old witnesses several thousand years old, but from the actual incidents of present prayer, and the literal answer. Daily faith and trust and prayer have made the Christian deeply acquainted with Him and his ways, and humbly dependent upon his care and love and help in the events of life. No one ever faithfully trusted the Lord in vain.”

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