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The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

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Today, we generally look at the discipline of yoga as a modern fitness regimen, but its roots are far more substantial than that. This work from expert yogi Swami Mukerji goes to the core of yoga and helps new pupils of the practice see how its persistent practice can produce a spiritual and physical renewal. Whether you are new to yoga or a trained practitioner, you will pick up something profound from “The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga”, “An Introduction to Yoga”, and The Hindu-Yogi, Science of Breath”. The goal of yoga is to help the individual transcend the self and reach enlightenment. As the Bhagavad-Gita states, “A person achieves yoga, the union with the Self, when the disciplined mind gets freedom from all desires, and becomes absorbed in the Self alone”. Although yoga has its roots in religion, it’s not a religion and is best defined as a spiritual practice. It is a way of living that leads one towards a sound mind in a healthy body. The philosophy of yoga is that the spirit, the mind and the body are one. It teaches that there is more to life than just our bodies, and that if we draw the inner spirit and the body together, we can achieve a state of tranquility.

benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Many people consider of yoga a science. There are now thousands of scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of yoga for an array of health conditions, from improved immunity, arthritis to cancer to ordinary stress. The scientific system of yoga, established by the ancient sages of India 5,000 years ago, is a path to that spiritual dimension. It is a process that permits us to experience a part of life that would have otherwise remained dormant within us.
Yoga is a potent instrument for self-enhancement and community renewal as it has spread across the world as a means of achieving wellness and of exploring our spirituality. The discipline of yoga is a wonderful pathway for self-discovery and spiritual growth.
Practicing yoga aids in controlling the mind, body and soul. It binds physical and mental disciplines to attain a harmonious body and mind; it helps you relax and to regulate stress and anxiety. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength and body tone, and enhances respiration, energy and strength. Practicing yoga may look like stretching, but it does much more for you including the way you feel, look and move.

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