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Parallel: Side-by-Side Bible Module

The Parallel: Side-by-Side module includes approximately 30 Bible versions which you can “Show” or “No Show” in order to read as many versions as you wish side-by-side. Versions available include the Authorized (1611) KJV, the KJV, the New KJV, the NIV, the Douay-Rheims, the Wycliffe, the Tanakh, the English Septuagint, Apocrypha books, the Masoretic Text, the Peshitta and the Greek Septuagint. This Bible Study tool allows users to examine parallel Bible verses to better understand how various translations interpreted, in many cases, the same Scriptural texts.

Parallel Bibles Side by Side

Parallel Bibles: Side-by-Side

Wisdom eStudy Bible Software

The Wisdom eStudy Bible is an online Bible Study tool used to make reading, searching, and studying the Bible easier and thus more fruitful. It includes multiple modules, including the KJV Hebrew-Greek Interlinear Bible, the Parallel: Side-by-Side Bible and the Wisdom eNotes program.
Additional modules include the Bible Commentaries, Dictionaries & Encyclopedias, Maps and Atlases and Topical Bibles. Other tools include Scriptural Creation Timelines, an Ancient Hebrew Calendar, audio Bibles and a Bible Study Planner. It allows you to search verses by topic or to see every verse that contains a certain word.

Wisdom eStudy Bible

Wisdom eStudy Bible Software

KJV Hebrew-Greek Interlinear Bible Module

The King James Hebrew–Greek Interlinear Bible module is a software program that consists of the Hebrew or Greek words with their direct English translation and transliteration. If you hover over a word, you can see all other words that Hebrew or Greek word was translated as in other Bible locations, the actual Hebrew or Greek word, the transliterated (using
English letters to create the words original languages sound) Hebrew or Greek word, the transliterated original language pronunciation, the Hebrew or Greek words audio pronunciation, the word’s part of speech, its Strong’s
number and description, the lexicon description and its dictionary and encyclopedia information.

King James Hebrew-Greek Interlinear Bible

KJV Hebrew-Greek Interlinear Bible Module


Ancient Hebrew Calendar


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Scriptural Creation Timeline

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