“King Solomon asked for neither gold nor intelligence, but Wisdom.


Wisdom eBooks Club CEO

Wisdom eBooks Club started by Michael H. Collins to provide individuals curious about religion an opportunity to learn more about their religion of choice or to learn about a new religion at a very low cost.

“The idea for the business came from a friend that saw my book collection and wanted to borrow a few books from my library. I owned over 300 religious’ books, many of which were obscure or difficult to find, including 15 bibles or scriptural writings. He suggested that I put some of these books online and after several years of not even thinking about his suggestion; I started Wisdom eBooks Club.”

The Wisdom eBooks Club is not a religion-specific website, it is a website designed to give people of all religions access to information that might interest them. I didn’t want to make this business about what Michael Collins believes should be one’s religion of choice. I’m putting information that encompasses the entire religious spectrum on our site and letting you choose the books you wish to read.