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A Critical Exposition of the Popular Jihad

The true meaning of ‘Jihad


A Critical Exposition of the Popular jihad Originally published in 1885 explains that all of Muhammad’s wars were defensive and that wars of aggression, or forced conversion, were not permitted by the Qur’an. Cheragh All believed the wars of Muhammad were sell protective because the Qur’an doesn’t condone wars of hostility. He contended that Muhammad only fought battles in reaction to actions that opposed the Qur’an’s instructions. Cheragh’s conviction that Islam was misconstrued by much of the world spurred him to translate the Qur’an.
In opposition to what radicals and anti-Muslim people proclaim, the word “jihad” doesn’t mean “to wage holy war,” or “to kill the infidel,” it means “to struggle.” The Prophet Muhammad proclaimed that the best jihad was to say words of truth”. The only 2 organizations with the philosophy that “jihad means terrorism” are Islamic State terrorists and Islamophobes with a hidden agenda.
To some jihad is the most frightening word in the world. As Muslim activist Linda Sarsour said in her speech “I hope that God accepts the efforts of Muslims to peacefully resist and-Muslim discrimination in the United States as a form of jihad,” the word jihad is Sar sour most often used to promote peace.

Three Kinds of Jihad

The Qur’an defines 3 kinds of Jihad (struggles), Including: the jihad against yourself (the greatest jihad), the jihad against Satan (the greater jihads) and the Jihad against an open enemy (the lesser jihads). After returning home from war Muhammad stated, “we are returning from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad.”

First Jihad

The first jihad is the struggle against yourself Jihad against oneself unveils itself in countless forms. The struggle to obtain a college degree, learning an unfamiliar job skill. surviving a bout with cancer, trying to lose weight, trying to quit smoking and parenting challenges are all forms of the greater jihad. Accordingly, the primary and highest form of jihad in Islam is the jihad to improve yourself and to advance all mankind.

Second Jihad

The second jihad is the struggle against Satan. This jihad teaches Allah’s message through the Qur’an. In the late 19th century Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Messiah and founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, denounced Muslim religious leaders who maintained that Islam should be spread by force, writing in 1902, “No legitimate Muslim has ever believed that Islam should be spread by the sword.” Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, believes that Satan deceives and sows hate and fear, and perverts the truth to incite bloodshed. The second jihad counters with wisdom, integrity, truth and love.

Third Jihad

The third jihad is a struggle against an open enemy. An open enemy Is described by the Qur’an as an adversary that a Muslim is allowed to fight. An open enemy is neither the government nor people of another faith. Instead, the Qur’an only allows Muslims to fight in then lesser Jihad when one of the following five conditions is satisfied: for self-defense

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