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Masoretic Creation Chronology

Chronological speculations and calculations pertaining to the time of the Yahusha’s (Jesus’) arrival were widespread amongst the Hebrews during the Second Temple era. They connected messianic chronologies to the prophecy of Daniel 9:24–27 and closely associated with the days of Creation, with each day symbolizing 1000 years of world history.
In some schemes, the messiah would arrive in the 6th millennium from creation (AM 5000–5999 AM). Other schemes held the Messiah would arrive in/around the year AM 4000 (240 AD) in the Masoretic chronology, an idea later repeated in the Rabbinic Babylonian Talmud.
Matzo is defined as unleavened flat bread. The plural of Matzo is Matzot. Matzo bread consists of only water and flour, with no yeast, shortening, or other enriching agents. Matzah recreates the hard “bread of affliction” provided to the Hebrew slaves by their ruthless masters. Like the bitter herbs used to season the Pesach animal, it represents the suffering and degradation of the people of Yisrael. Matzah was the hard slave bread; we eat it instead of the rich, soft bread that was eaten by free people.

From Septuagint to the Masoretic Text Table

The present-day Jewish calendar still uses the dates established by Maimonides which he described in his book the “Mishneh Torah”. Maimonides wrote that he had determined the epoch from which calculations of all dates should be as “the third day after the First New Moon of the then present year (4938) which was March 22, 1178 on the Julian calendar, as the basis for calculating their Creation date. This is another way of saying that Maimonides calculated the duration from the Creation of Adam to the birth of the Messiah as 3760 years. That would make the 2021 Gregorian calendar year the Jewish year 5781.
Most Bible historians do not believe this duration to be accurate, since it cannot rectify the differences between certain historical dates and present-day biblical chronologies. Proponents of the Masoretic Text believe Adam was created in 3760 BC and that the Messiah has yet to come, but that he would be born no later than Jewish Year 6000, Gregorian year AD 2240

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