Scriptural Creation Timeline

There is no real consensus amongst Biblical scholars on the correct calculation for the start of Creation date. If everyone is using the same Biblical sources, then why isn’t there a consensus on the Creation Timeline duration you might ask?

It’s because there are two significantly different timelines that were proliferated and they both claim derivation from the same Ancient Hebrew Scriptural Texts. Most of the material in the two Biblical versions, the Septuagint and the Masoretic Text, are comparable, but their Creation Timelines have substantial disagreements. The duration from Adam’s creation date to the Incarnation of Yahusha (Jesus) used in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures and in the Septuagint, are both around 5500 years to what we call 1 AD.

The Masoretic Text has a timeline of 3760 years to what we call 1 AD. Since the Masoretic Hebrew texts are the source of present-day English Biblical texts, so present-day English Bibles also have the 3760-year timeline.

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The Ancient Hebrew Scriptural Texts, the Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphal Works and the Septuagint all placed the Messiah’s coming at around 5500 years after the Creation of Adam, in Julian Year 1 AD., which puts us at current Hebrew Year 7521. Historians Sextus Julius Africanus, called the Father of Chronology, Yusebius (Eusebius) Pamphii, and Yosef ben Matityahu (Flavius Josephus) were some of the most prominent proponents of the 5500-year timeline.

Mosheh ben Maimon (Maimonides) who wrote the Mishneh Torah and Yose (Jose) ben Halafta, who wrote Seder Olam Rabbah were two of the leading advocates of the 3760-year timeline. Maimonides calculated the duration from the Creation of Adam to Julian Year 1 AD. at 3760 years, which puts the current Jewish Year at 5781. Present-day Jewish calendars still use the calculations established by Maimonides centuries ago.

My research led me to conclude that the work of Africanus is the most accurate Creation Timeline.

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The Creation Timeline proliferated by Africanus 2000 years ago is a match with the calculations of most present-day bible scholars who use the Septuagint LXX to calculate their timeline, though Africanus himself didn’t use Septuagint for his calculations. Instead, he used the ancient Hebraic Scriptural writings as the basis for his calculations. Additionally, Africanus built an alternate timeline of non-religious historical events that he used to substantiate and cross-check dates in his Scriptural timeline.

Timeline Summaries

Our “Scriptural Creation Timeline” is based on the timeline set forth by “the Father of Chronology” Sextus Julius Africanus.

He Places Creation in Hebrew Year 1 (5500 BC) the great flood in Year 2262 (3238 BC), Babylonian Captivity of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) in 4870 (630 BC).

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And His Resurrection in Year 5531 (32 AD). According to Africanus’ both Adam’s Creation and the incarnation occurred on March 25th, exactly 5500 years to the day apart.

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