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Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam

Importance of Studying Biography of Prophet Muhammad

This biography looks at the life and teachings of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. From the introduction: Just as the character of Jesus is stamped upon the religion which originated in His Person, so is the character of Mohammed impressed upon the system which he, with marvelous ingenuity, founded.
The practical influence of Islam upon individual lives produces results that reflect the character of its founder, and a careful study of the tenets of the system in relation to its history enables the student to estimate the actual worth of the man. As the Apostle of God, Mohammed is the ideal of every true Moslem. His life is the standard by which it tests the lives of his followers, although he himself confesses that his life was not holy.
In the Koran, and the earlier traditions, it pictures him as being no better than his fellows, and as weak and liable to error as the poorest of his contemporaries. Yet later tradition minimizes his faults and weakness, and surrounds his person with a halo of glory that makes him appear sinless and almost divine. All the doubtful incidents of his life are eliminated and ignored, or supported and defended by his pious, misguided followers.”
This book shows the truthful narrative behind the man as it steers you through his childhood, and the when and why he founded his religion. The book reveals how he strengthened his spirituality and how he got past his revelations as he needed them. Muhammad wasn’t against women as his devotees have become, instead he loved and respected his first wife. This is an outstanding publication to assist you in understanding this religion that desires to expand all over the planet, and reveals why if someone who refuses to convert to Islam, could be taken as slaves.

The Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad demonstrated attributes that all devotees must adhere to in their daily lifestyle. Allah (swt) says: “There has been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who remembers Allah often.” (AI-Qur’an, Surah al-Ahzab, 33: 21) It’s incumbent upon us to understand the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). They’re other reasons to examine the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life including:

i. It is an Obligatory (Fard) Task: Examining the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mandatory for everyone who considers themselves as a follower. Disciples realize that the evidence which proves that someone is a believer goes to two issues, such as (i) to believe in one Allah and (ii) Muhammad (pbuh) is His (swt) prophet the best approach to learn about His (pbuh) way of life is to examine the sirah: biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The greatest biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the Qur’an as He (pbuh) employed and performed all the teachings of the Qur’an in His (pbuh) life.
ii. To Understand the Qur’an: We cannot fully understand the Qur’an unless we learn about the way of life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). There are many lessons in the Qur’an to complete during our lifetime which have been explained through the works of the Prophet (pbuh). Thus, one can only know the Qur’an and adhere to it in our daily lives after we understand the biography and teachings of the Prophet (pbuh).

iii. To Strengthen our Iman (belief): When someone wants to increase their Iman, they must learn the biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Through the examination of His (pbuh) life, we can learn the practice of Islam and how to live our earthly life so that we’ll have a better next life (al-Akhirah). It is required by our Iman that we must love Him (pbuh) more than anyone.
iv. To improve our Character and Behavior: The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wasn’t merely sent as the mercy to the worlds, as Allah (swt) states In the Qur’an. But also, to perfect the moral character. The Messenger of Allah says: I have been sent to perfect good character.” (Mu’atta Malik. Hadith no. 1614) Thus, if someone wishes to perfect their moral character, they are required to study the biography of Prophet (pbuh).
v. To promote Peace and Harmony: In 23 years’ time, the Prophet (pbuh) established peace and harmony in a society where it was unthinkable. Subsequently, his (pbuh) life and teachings provides us with a remarkable way to conquer present day volatile conditions and to promote peace and harmony in the world.

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